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Step 1

Create an account

Sign up is quick and easy. If you have an organization code (e.g., Broncos2023), enter it without any spaces for seamless registration.

Step 2

Select an organization plan or run a single background check

Select from our options – single background check, 10 checks for small organizations, or 100 checks for larger organizations.

Step 3

Run a background check

Our process starts with a verification check based on the information the individual provides. This is why we require the individual’s date of birth and Social Security number before generating the report. Our system reviews a variety of public databases, court records, and sexual offender databases.

Step 4

Analyze, share and make a decision

Receive the results, share them with your team, analyze the findings, and make informed decisions with confidence.

More Than 90% Of Our Background Checks Are Returned In Less Than One Minute.
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We can help you make hiring faster, easier, more accurate, and lower risk.

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Our company provides complete background check and screening before you appoint a new coach or volunteer to your organization!

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