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Sports Practicing

Welcome to a Smarter Approach to Background Checks

Whether you are with a large sports organization, a mid-size non-profit organization or a small business, Safe Coach Background Checks offers smart and comprehensive background check that enable you to focus on what’s most important — managing your organization’s risk and making the best decisions.

Our innovative and on-demand solutions put you in the driver’s seat, providing you with the features and services required to efficiently and effectively manage your background screening program and make smarter decisions fast. The next time you are looking for how to screen a coach, use Safe Coach Background Check.


Thankfully we live in a world that enables organizations to thoroughly vet potential coaches and volunteers. Background checks are one of the most comprehensive and secure ways to do so. It is always important to get all of the information possible regarding a potential coach or volunteer in order to avoid certain risks and dangers. Before you decide to authorize a new coach or volunteer for your organization, trust Safe Coach Background Check to run a thorough background check. Background checks are essential to protecting the safety and security of youth sports/activities and should always be a first step. When you need to run a background check on a coach, trust Safe Coach Background Check.

Social Security Verification:

We verify the Coach’s name and date of birth (DOB) and match the social security number (SSN) provided. If the DOB and SSN do not match, an alert will be sent to us for further verification.

National Criminal Record History:

Our criminal database search provides access to criminal history records from all 50 states (Over 850 million criminal records).

Sex Offender Database:

Our system searches all sex offender databases.  It’s very important to know sexual offenders in your county and ensure they are not coaching our youth.

Online Customize Management Solution:

100% of all background checks are saved in your management system.  Your organization can review each background check conducted at any time.  You can also rerun a background check to update the report for the next season.

“I own a Martial Arts Academy and 80% of our clientele are
kids. I was using a statewide background check for my
Instructors, but found that the nationwide database that Safe
Coach Background Checks uses was a far better than what I
was using in the past. I switched immediately! This is a must
have for anyone who owns a business where kids are clients!”

Brandon Keeton – Tiger Rock Martial Arts

We had Safe Coach Background Checks conduct a criminal
history check on one of our new instructors. The report
returned with clear, concise, and easy to read reporting. I
definitely recommend their services.

Little League Coach: Patrick Baker from Denver, CO

Our Organization recently had Safe Coach Background Checks
conduct a criminal history check on all of our coaches, which
consisted of 2 Baseball and 4 Softball teams. The report
returned with easy to read reporting. What I was impressed
with is how fast the report came back, and how user friendly
it was. I definitely recommend their services for any team or

Shawn Fincham

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Safe Coach Background Checks works directly with these organizations and many others to share our focus on the importance of youth sports and to protect our youth.

You can now invite coaches and volunteers more easily than ever before. Simply enter the information below once you are logged into your account to invite someone to Safe Coach Background Checks.

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